Sep 2 06:30

172 coal mining permits may be cancelled by India

Recommendations of India to cancel 172 coal mining permits
Sep 2 05:25

Rising European coal prices for November

On Ukraine gas supply fears, European coal prices for November slightly rosePremium Content

More coal production for Ngaka Coal Mine

Sep 2 05:17
Rich coal vein on Tanzania

Ukraine coal production slightly increased in 1H

Sep 1 22:42
June production declinedPremium Content

NTPC may have problems in acquiring stranded generation plants

Sep 1 05:37
NTPC's acquisition plans may be affected by the Supreme Court ruling on coal block allocations

Low demand and oversupply cause European coal prices to drop

Sep 1 05:19
European coal prices fell againPremium Content

Australia receives coal inquiries from India

Sep 1 05:02
India to buy more coal from Australia

Despite Ukraine tensions, European coal prices rose

Aug 29 03:25
As fears triggers over energy shortage in Ukraine, European coal prices have increasedPremium Content

Ukraine's coal production plunges in first 7 months

Aug 29 00:22
Political turmoil is seen as the main driver of the downtrendPremium Content

Indonesia's government directive ending businesses with tax liabilities by October

Aug 29 00:16
ICMA Chairman Kamandanu says that businesses are sandwiched between paying royalties or salariesPremium Content

Whitehaven's coal prices expected to gradually improve

Aug 28 05:19
As loss narrows, Whitehaven Coal sees coal price upturn

Nigeria: Coal usage for electricity generation to be increased

Aug 28 05:15
30% electricity generation from coal being targeted by Nigeria

Physical coal prices of Europe fell

Aug 28 04:05
Due to weaker gas market, European coal prices edge lowerPremium Content

Coal prices shoot up in Kyrgyzstan

Aug 28 04:01
Government statement on energy conservation affected the demand for coalPremium Content

Illegal coal mining in Kazakhstan

Aug 28 03:57
The licences might be long gonePremium Content

Coal price not expected to increase, says a Kazakh supplier

Aug 28 03:53
Price of coal still dependent on transportation costsPremium Content

Firm delivery of European coal in the next two months

Aug 27 05:45
As some buyers return, European coal prices improvePremium Content

Prices of thermal electricity to be slashed by China

Aug 27 05:12
The decline in coal prices to be reflected in thermal electricity prices
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