Apr 22 23:40

Arch Coal has cut steel-making coal production

Forecast for steel-making coal has been slashed by Arch Coal
Apr 22 23:14

Australia: Coal exports of Newcastle have decreased

Exports of Australia's Newcastle port fell

Egypt: Government to prepare for coal power standards

Apr 22 23:09
Environmental standards for coal power are now being prepared by Egypt's governmentPremium Content

Coal prices in Europe will not be good because of El Nino

Apr 22 22:58
Europe's coal prices will continue to fall due to El Nino weatherPremium Content

Mongolia to create two new bills for mining industry

Apr 22 22:53
To boost mining industry, Mongolia plans to introduce two new bills

India: Supreme Court has lifted ban on iron ore mining in Goa

Apr 22 22:46
Ban on mining iron ore in Goa has been lifted by the Supreme Court

A railway line and coal terminal to be constructed in Murmansk Region

Apr 22 22:27
Murmansk Region to have coal terminal and railway line soonPremium Content

India: Coking coal imports rose

Apr 22 22:13
India's coking coal has increased due to lower prices

Pakistan to construct first dirty cargo terminal

Apr 22 21:56
A letter of award has been issued to Pakistan to build a dirty cargo terminalPremium Content

Odisha Industry Department to investigate land acquisitions

Apr 22 04:10
30 land acquisitions to be reviewed by the Odisha Industry DepartmentPremium Content

Abhijeet Group has been fined by the Coal Ministry

Apr 22 04:05
A fine has been imposed to Abhijeet Group by the Coal Ministry

Russia to build a multi-million railway project

Apr 22 04:01
A major infrastructure project on Russian Railways has been signed by the Prime Minister

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi paid some of its debt to Chalco

Apr 22 03:42
Debt of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi to Chinese customer is set to be resolved by this year

Prairie Downs Metals to produce in Poland

Apr 22 03:22
Golder Associates has been appointed by Prairie Downs Metals to complete a desktop reviewPremium Content

Huge impact for residents on Wolverine mine closure

Apr 22 03:15
Walter Energy announced they will close the Wolverine mine

Two mines of Walter Energy in Canada to shut down

Apr 22 03:05
Price of steelmaking material has fell, forcing Walter Energy to close two of its mines in Canada

Qatar is negotiating with Turkey for a big investment

Apr 22 02:49
Turkey to close a huge financial deal with QatarPremium Content

Old tires to be used by Tijeras cement plant

Apr 22 02:42
Tijeras cement plant will use old tires to roll on as fuelPremium Content
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