Jan 29 05:52

India increases its coal generated power capacity

Minister of Power announced figures for coal-fired power plants
Jan 29 05:50

Shanxi province maintains its coal production

The announcement came from the province's new five-year plan

West Coast cities against coal terminals

Jan 29 05:48
Mayors and citizens against new coal transportation and shipment projects

New low for Indonesian coal's price

Jan 29 05:45
Prices hit January 2009 prices

Coal faces solar competition in Australia

Jan 29 05:44
Huge investments in solar power plants threatens coal sector

Decline in coal production in Zimbabwe

Jan 29 05:42
Largest company in the country faced debt- and infrastructure-related troubles

Peabody Energy headed for bankruptcy

Jan 29 05:42
The company has serious financial problems

Vietnam drifts away from coal-fired power plants

Jan 29 05:41
Country will bet on renewable energy

Mount Pleasant mine sold to Indonesian group

Jan 28 05:46
Rio Tinto sold another coal mine in Australia

New projects blocked by moratorium in federal land leasing, U.S.

Jan 28 05:45
Two large projects are expected to be reviewed but also blocked

China invests on coal production dismantling

Jan 28 05:43
Huge funds allocated to tackle oversupply

Russia coal production to stabilize in 2016

Jan 28 05:42
Volume is expected to be the same as of 2015

Mayors in the West Coast united against coal

Jan 28 05:41
Coastal cities refuse to authorize new coal terminals

Two new projects in federal land pending review in the U.S.

Jan 28 05:40
The projects are facing the moratorium in land leasing

Oakland inhabitants against coal terminal

Jan 28 05:39
Health effects are the main worry for Oakland citizens

Coal burning in Asia provokes acid rains in N. America

Jan 28 05:37
High levels of mercury detected in West Coast's rain

Coal freights in South Africa disrupted by derailment

Jan 27 12:25
A train derailed 260 miles from the Richards Bay Coal Terminal

Praia Mole Terminal resumes activity, Brazil

Jan 27 05:42
The terminal is a big route for petcoke
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